Laura DeHennis

Dental Hygienist


Laura has been practicing dental hygiene since she graduated from Temple University. She loves her profession and enjoys the chance to meet people and make their dental hygiene habits the best they can be! Laura volunteers with the Pennsylvania State Dental Hygienist Association (PDHA). She is Past President of the Association and keeps everyone informed on current events. She currently is a membership chair for the Philadelphia component and serves on the Public Health Committee. She is the contact person for the Nursing Home Project and encourages others to help with this growing population. Laura helps with the Montgomery County Association for the Blind (MCAN) and is active in several committees for her church - St Joseph's - Warrington. Laura is married to Philip and they have 6 children and 9 grandchildren. She is the first to tell you how blessed she is with such a wonderful family, friends and her career choice. Keep smiling and have a great day!