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Jay Freedman D.D.S. & Associates, P.C.


Come explore our home on the "Web". Learn about us and why our dental practice is so extraordinary and special, see actual before and after, read our bios and explore...

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Prevention & Diagnosis


Maintain your own dental health a lifetime and catch any problem when it is small and simple.

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Restorative & Regeneration

Simple Restorative

Fix what's broken, rebuild what's missing or re-grow and /or replace what's gone.

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Cosmetic & Rejuvenation

Cosmetic & Rejuvenation

Smiles created or simply renewed. Full function restored. Why live life without a beautiful smile?

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Patients are our #1 Priority

You are what's most important here. From proven cutting edge technology, personalized treatment plan options, to "TLC"; your needs are what we care about most! Just read our "real" testimonials.

Excellence is our Standard of Care

Webster's defines "excellence" as the fact or state of excelling; superiority" Everyday we strive for excellence in the care we deliver!