*COVID-19 UPDATE* The Vaccine is in Play!

In March of 2020, we all experienced a life changing, world altering event with the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. What started as a problem in faraway lands became a 2 week shutdown finally evolving into a yearlong nightmare for our country and the world!

What was so normal like work, school, grocery shopping, vacation, visiting family, life celebrations, the movies all ground to a halt!  Many of us had family; friends or co-workers get terribly sick or in some instances die from the virus. A new normal become masks in public, working from home (if you could), home school, Zoom meeting, Zoom parties, Zoom religious encounters, shortages in the stores and a world that we knew turned upside down.

When I completely re-opened the office in June 2020, the waiting room moved to the parking lot and your car, masks on except when being treated, medical grade air filtration, treatment pre-rinse, the Covid questionnaire, temperature checks, no contact with other patients, barriers all over the office and more!

I made changes to insure the maximum safety for patients and my team.  Please follow this link to the COVID-19 Safety letter posted here on our website to learn about how things have changed at the office to ensure patient safety. 

We appear to be turning the corner now.  Thru the miracle of modern medical science, multiple vaccines are being deployed and distributed to people as quickly as they arrive at vaccination centers.  The experts at the CDC are hoping that “herd immunity” can be achieved by the summer and we as a nation and a world start to return to more open and relaxed inter-actions.  But have NO illusions that this pandemic will have long lasting ramifications.  I’m not sure as to what life will look like afterwards, but much of what we have instituted in my dental practice for patient and staff safety will remain.  Hopefully we will be able use the waiting room and be done with temperature checks and the Covid pre-screening questions, but we will need to wait for the recommendations from the CDC and American Dental Association to know for sure!  In the meantime as we continue to move forward, don’t relax your guard and remain vigilant!  We are almost to the finish line, but we all still need to remain careful until we are all safe!


Jay Freedman, DDS


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